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72andsunny produce Call of Duty creative that truly reflects the audiences experience with relatives and their other halves.

The Story:
The story is the audiences experience.

CODnapped, a variety of men; in the midst of different scenarios; kidnapped by Stephen Graham (Al Capone “Boardwalk Empire”). Bored, constrained by held by expected commitment; until fast driving motorcycles, tattoo wearing and SWAT teams move in; small smirks appear on the “victims” faces; for they know they have just been CODnapped. Taken to an undisclosed location where they sit in a comfy chair, play Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught and fed snacks until Graham deems it fit.

Target Audience:

25-35 age range.
72andsunny fully understand that these gamers, are casual-to-hardcore gamers that are by the majority men.

They have families, jobs and other commitments. Enter the Call of Duty syndicate and operation CODnapped.

The Information
The information that is present and needs to be communicated with the target audience; are updates on Onslaught.

– downloadable content
– new maps
– new weapons
– extinction mode – where players fight an onslaught of aliens.

How does the information influence the story?
The first and major point to make is that it doesn’t oversell the expansion pack. The giving the audience the information is an after-thought. The story comes first and the story is focused on the audience.

The audience experiences of having to give up on a casual night of gaming. Or they are interrupted from those other commitments. These audience experiences guide the story along. Hence they need to be ‘CODnapped’.

After the setting of the official trailer has been made, the character and narrator Stephen Graham then drops what 30 second ads just do. Tell the information.

Facts about the new downloadable content, new maps etc are weaved into the story.

You will most likely not remember the facts about the game. And for those hardcore gamers and generally interested in the game will have read, re-watched or found out about them prior to this trailer. But the commercial does exactly what it aims informing the more causal gamer. As well as reinstalling the exciting, fun aspects of the game. Enticing the casual gamers back.

Why Is It A Success?

The story connects with its audience. It ties up both customer and business expectations. It meets the business objectives of awareness, advertising the new expansion pack, game information and brand.

How Does It Reflect The Brand?

This is so on key with the brand, with the audience and the audience experience. Not only that, its enjoyable to watch. Shot like a short film. And its funny.

Released: 21st Jan 2014

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