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Hi and Welcome to Novel Influence!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Dan Ball, I work as a Brand Narrative Designer + research consultant here at Novel Influence.

But how did this come to be?

It all started when I was working for a large FMCG company, back in 2011. It was a great experience working at a global level, with large established brands; managing projects, reviewing digital marketing and digital brand experiences.

When I started noticing 3 major issues, one was that of induction or on-boarding to any particular brand, the company environment and culture, and the last being internal processes & communication.

I just wasn’t really happy, challenged or fulfilled. I enjoyed working with brands. I loved the fact that I was working within an innovative new and exciting landscape. What was missing?

Creativity. Space to really innovate. Challenge the conventional market. Change processes to make the entire system work more efficiently and effectively.

Whilst at the corporate company, I found it was so damn hard to move without stepping on someones toes. That I could clearly see that, that attitude squashed creativity out of anyone that worked there.

Then one day a director organised a day dedicated to digital storytelling. A day jam packed with agencies and media companies even some journalists talking about how, what and why digital storytelling has changed our approach to communicating. This was the pinnacle moment for me, everything finally connected, made sense, and the vision for Novel Influence was born.

After leaving the company I decided I would tie together my 3 passionate interests; Storytelling, Brands and Technology. With my ability and enthusiasm to continually learn & develop. Novel Influence

If you have a business, a startup, an entertainment entity – You Are A Brand.

Novel Influence was designed to help YOU the brand, communicate, engage and measure effectively in a new media world. This can only happen if companies understand if isn’t the adoption of technology alone, its the understanding of how psyches have changed since the invention of particular communication channels.

We do this with 5 steps they are; Discovering, Assessing, Telling, Sharing and Connecting your Brand Story with an audience.

Novel Influence is a continual work in progress. A life dedicated to that of; Studying storytelling theory and application, Theology, Metaphysics, History, Psychology, Psychoanalysis (Semiotics, Semantics) cultural studies/impact and behavioural change.

Asking questions such as; How are our behaviours influenced by unconscious motives? Why/How do stories break cultural barriers? Why are stories great for imparting information? How can symbols/patterns impart influence?

My insights are:

* Stories use universal symbols & patterns to create meaning
* Brand Values can be communicated more effectively across market segments using storied symbols & patterns
* Brand building needs to operate into an ecosystem understanding; life cycles, story stages and audience touch points

It is from both my life study of stories and symbols with my insights from past hands-on experience, that I have come to this vision for Novel Influence:

Novel Influences vision is to empower brands to build iconic leadership in their field. To measure the power of brand narrative through the three distinct areas; brand story, brand experience and brand journey. We are able to do this by using the Brand Narrative Framework to organise and clearly communicate brand messages with audiences.

You can connect with me via twitter here or G+ here.

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