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Something Different Need Not Always Be Scary

Giff Gaff #DontBeScared Campaign The agency behind giffgaff latest campaign Fallon London released teasers Not giving much away the advert acted very much the same way as a movie being being marketed and released. These are just a couple of the teaser released content. Before finally revealing the final 3 minute product on TV. “As […]
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Music Videos and Fairytales

Reinterpretations of stories have always been a great way to update and maintain a message. To learn, to copy, to then understand. Music videos however take a different approach to say other visual storytelling methods such as movies or a short film (30minute +). This approach needs to represent both the visual, verbal and on […]
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Finding Your New Ears With NightJar

With the new Star Trek film being released, Benedict cum the star and antagonist. Somethin Else’s new game app release was perfect timing. This scifi exploration with Benedicts narration. Leaves you to not rely on your visual senses but to trust and follow Benedicts instructions. This game is slightly different to your typical story experience. […]
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Masters of Doom!

Masters of Doom a book that refers to its two founding members the two johns. John Carmac and John Romero the duo that pushed the boundaries of the gaming industry and brought us, at the time some of the most controversial games, Doom and Quake. The book shows a really interesting journey with backgrounds on […]
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