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A shift the times..

‘Sometimes capitalism isn’t just measured by profit, but by the richness of relationships and earned social capital.’ – Brian Solis

The transparency that the internet has provided, with the ongoing human openness via social media, together with the social unrest that the economic crisis has caused has provoked a change in how brands and customers communicate.

Customers are now answering their own questions. Witch a click, swipe or simple search via their mobile phones.

Who is behind the product? How and where has it been produced? If I buy it will I have a clear conscience?

Brands are becoming people and people are becoming brands.

Brands play an important role in todays society. Possibly, more important than ever before. With environmental concerns and the disconnect of people from society and from the environment. There is a great need to re-establish these connections.

We need to craft a new story for the times. It isn’t a single story, it’s a great many.

Why are brands significant in society?

A brand influences culture, identity and representation: kinship, self and body; economy; religion and politics; and they work on the global-local interface. This has been seen in a negative light due to the fact that greedy corporations, with little or no values.

Agencies & brands have been asking the wrong questions. It isn’t, ‘how can brands be relevant’, or  ‘how do we gain more engagement’, Its what role do we play, how can we cultivate a narrative.



Brands need a successful business model and to understand  . But making money is a result, an end goal, something that happens. The idea of businesses that focus solely on making as much money as possible is outdated.

It is the reason why Only 71 companies remain today from the original 1955 Fortune 500 list.’ Business has changed

‘Companies and brands to revert to a level of customer service rarely seen since our great-grandparents’ day, when business owners often knew their customers personally, and gave them individual attention.’ – Gary Vaynerchuk



What can brands achieve in social & cultural terms?


How can brands improve society & culture?

We need to move away from brands assuming advertising single handedly drives revenue, growth, memory,

We need to look at how to add value, clients talk a lot about adding value without truly understanding what VALUE means.

To really improve society it starts with adding value

Personal, Social & Cultural Identity

Interactions between persons and society

Interaction between culture and environment

Interaction between culture and time

brands need to add value, either themselves, products, services, employees. Behaviours


The interaction between individuals, brands, culture, society & environment.

Brands do not necessary mean a representation of a business from commerce. It could be charity, religion which cover a range of societal and cultural practices and needs. A brand could be an idea or personal representation.


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