• Fantastic resource. Filled with useful, actionable advice that helped increase watch sales sell in APAC.

    EranLuxury Watches
  • Was looking at a way to go beyond my brand features and functional uses and connect with customers emotions. This done that and so much more!


Benefits of Branded Entertainment

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Brand Narrative Research

The latest research in brand storytelling, brand experience and a brands journey. Access research reports or commission research to meet your brand needs.
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Brand Narrative Development

Brand Narrative Development is essential for brands; to take action on our research, to communicate with larger or specific audiences. It’s time to align and  add value to your brand messaging.
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Creative Development Research

Creative research looks at viable options for delivering media and messages that meet your goals and that audiences seek out and interact with.
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Creative Development

From screenwriting, comic, conveying or connecting with market segments in new interesting ways.
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Latest Brand Narrative Research

Brand Narrative  FAQ

Read the Brand Narrative FAQ for all the information you need – jargon, audience map, brand narrative elements and more.

How To Tell A Story Around Your Product

In the latest research report learn what it takes to TELL a story around your product. Though this is intended for brands considering the leap into Branded Entertainment, those interested, generally in creating more powerful stories may wish to read this.
In social media, advertising is too often an unwelcome guest at the party, a gate-crasher or bore who can’t read the room, wants only to talk about themselves or their pet topics. We track the positive outcomes of these efforts – the sales, the clicks, the conversions – negative impact, from increasing negative perceptions of a brand to developing ever deeper aversion to advertising and brand marketing in general.

Brands Fight for Future with Storytelling…

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